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Identifying Our Pipelines

Identifying Our Pipelines

How can you identify pipelines?

Pipelines exist almost everywhere throughout the U.S. and chances are you may live near or drive past one every day.
Pipelines are marked by aboveground markers (signs, placards or stakes) to provide an indication of their presence, approximate location, and product carried, and the name and contact information of the company that operates the pipeline.

Like the example images above, the signs are generally yellow, black, and red in color and include:

1. The PRODUCT transported in the line
2. The NAME of the pipeline operator
3. An EMERGENCY phone number

The primary function of these aboveground markers is to identify the location of the pipeline to help you understand the location of pipelines and prevent excavation damage accidents.  Monitoring and surveillance are important safety tools that ensure unauthorized activities, including unauthorized digging/excavations/building that might damage the underground pipe, are noticed and can be evaluated immediately.

THE PRESENCE OF THESE MARKERS DOES NOT REMOVE THE NEED FOR A CALL TO 811 PRIOR TO EXCAVATION!  They give an approximate indication of where a pipeline might be and must be verified through placement of a call to the local One Call Center.

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